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by decentrader · September 11, 2023

GM. Bitcoin is currently at $25,800 after a week spent in a tight $1,000 range. Predator indicator is mixed on lower timeframes, but remains bearish on 3-day and weekly. And the G20 pushes ahead with new crypto regulations that will provide greater information sharing between countries from 2027.

Past 24hr performance

What Just Happened

What’s Happening Now

Bitcoin is down -0.25% in the past 24hrs at a current price of $25,820. It remains up +56% so far this year.

Bitcoin: Predator Thermal Vision is currently mixed across timeframes: 30M Bearish, 1H Neutral, 2H Bullish, 4H Bullish, 12H Bullish, 1D Neutral, 3D Bearish.

Ethereum: Bearish across all timeframes except 12H and 1D which are neutral.


FOILS Bitcoin and Ethereum:

The combined FOILS daily outlook for both Bitcoin and Ethereum is bearish to neutral with very limited movements in Open Interest, Funding Rates and Long/Short Ratio over the past 24hrs. 

One’s To Watch – Commando Intelligence Top Scorers:

Due to the current bearish market conditions there are zero coins with a commando score above 1.75.  The current top scorers with a Commando score of 1.5 are Storj (STORJ), Monero (XMR), and Waves (WAVES).

What’s Next

Trend outlook:

The weekly Predator chart remains bearish and $BTC is below the 200WMA.

In the calendar this week:

  • Monday, September 11th: Euro Area GDP data released.
  • Wednesday, September 13th: US CPI data released.
  • Wednesday, September 13th: FOMC meeting across Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Friday, September 15th: China CPI data released.

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