The DecenTrader Toolkit

A suite of seven premium trading tools designed for a wide range of trading conditions.

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A volume based indicator that includes divergences to optimise trade entries and exits.

VWAP and TWAP bands

Highly effective scalping tool using volatility bands. Identifies strong trade entry levels using VWAP and TWAP levels. Can identify accumulation algorithms in $BTC and $ETH bull trends.

Liquidity And SFP

Helps identify where pools of liquidity are likely sat and targeted for stop runs.

Identified by check marks once liquidity events triggered and price has reversed, offering confirmation to enter / exit the market.

Macro Indicators for Bitcoin

In addition to trading tools that can be used across any asset, the DecenTrader Toolkit also contains four Bitcoin Macro Indicators that can be viewed within Tradingview.

They help to identify where $BTC is in its market cycles and whether high time frame conditions are bullish or bearish.

Puell Multiple: examines miner revenues to highlight cycle highs and lows.

Bitcoin Investor Tool: shows when Bitcoin is significantly over or undervalued on a relative basis.

Golden Ratio Multiplier: risk management tool that highlights when the $BTC bull market is becoming overheated both mid and end cycle.

Pi Cycle Top: Identifies major cycle highs.

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$500 $250 One time payment

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