• Market Update:
  • Market Update:

    SEC Crypto Crackdown

    by Miffy · June 9, 2023

    A lot has been going on this week regarding SEC crackdowns, so here is the simple version. If you’d like to get some more detail we have broken...

  • Market Update:

    Bitcoin – any need to panic?

    by Miffy · May 26, 2023

    Over the past few weeks Bitcoin has pulled back from $30,000 after a failed breakout. Let’s take a look at how significant that is and what may be...

  • Market Update:

    What happens if Bitcoin breaks $30k?

    by Miffy · May 5, 2023

    Bitcoin has now spent the past six weeks hovering around the $30,000 level.  In previous market updates we explored why this would be a difficult...

  • Market Update:

    Bitcoin Dominates

    by sveccdesign · April 28, 2023

    Congratulations for surviving… yet again! We have just had the wildest day for Bitcoin since the FTX collapse (which was the wildest day since...

  • Market Update:

    Is the NFT market dead?

    by Miffy · April 21, 2023

    Since the start of the year all eyes have been on the performance of Bitcoin, and to some extent Ethereum.  Much of the market has struggled to grab...

  • Market Update:

    Is Bitcoin Still Good Value?

    by Miffy · April 7, 2023

    Bitcoin has had an incredible start to the year, up 70%, making it arguably one of the best-performing assets in 2023.  As we move into Q2, how well...

  • Market Update:

    Bitcoin Price Modelling

    by filbfilb · March 28, 2023

    Given the recent, well-publicised, seemingly high Bitcoin price predictions by CathieDWood and Balaji Srinivasan, i wanted to ascertain how realistic...

  • Market Update:

    Bitcoin – the narrative turns Bullish…

    by Miffy · March 16, 2023

    It has been a long, cold winter for Bitcoin and crypto. However, recent events have helped to catapult near-term price, and importantly have shifted...

  • Market Update:

    NFTs driving the market forward

    by Miffy · January 6, 2023

    While uncertainty around crypto continues, there is one sector that has been able to distance itself somewhat from many of the industry problems like...

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