• Market Update:

    The Bitcoin Bottom and Bull Case

    by Miffy · December 15, 2022

    First of all, this is not financial or investment advice. It is an opinion piece looking at the bullish side of the argument for Bitcoin. Do your own...

  • Market Update:

    Ethereum Merge

    by Miffy · September 10, 2022

    *We’re running a massive 30% Merge Madness discount so you can stock up on munitions of meaningful metrics and musings of market masters...

  • Market Update:
  • Market Update:
  • Market Update:

    Where Next For Bitcoin And Crypto?

    by decentrader · May 20, 2022

    Hello, Hopefully, you managed to get through the capitulation of last week’s market crash and are still here to tell the tale.Crypto does have...

  • Market Update:

    Bitcoin – Don’t Get Chopped Up!

    by decentrader · April 22, 2022

    Bitcoin remains in the range it has been in since the start of the year. While the long-term outlook remains strong, caution is advised in the near...

  • Market Update:

    Decentrader Market Update – Pivotal Pivots.

    by decentrader · April 8, 2022

    Bitcoin has continued its high beta correlation with Equities as mentioned in my previous update as shown by the below chart.  Bitcoin / NASDAQ...

  • Market Update:

    Market Update: Bitcoin Wakes Up!

    by decentrader · March 25, 2022

    After what felt like an eternal sideways grind, Bitcoin has now been trending up the past couple of weeks as most of the market remains in disbelief...

  • Market Update:

    Bitcoin c’mon, Do Something!

    by decentrader · March 18, 2022

    Bitcoin continues its relatively lackluster price action, being unable to close the week north of $43k despite some sharp intra-week spikes over the...

  • Market Update:

    Market Update – Surfacing The Alpha

    by decentrader · March 11, 2022

    Bitcoin has continued to chop up and down as it struggles to find a meaningful trend direction this week.  There have been failed rallies in the...

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