Built by traders, for traders.

To succeed in the markets, you need to arm yourself with the right knowledge and surround yourself with the best people.  

That’s why we built the Decentrader hub.  A place where traders of all abilities can further their understanding, by learning from world-class traders and analysts.  Ultimately to gain an edge in the market and maximise profits.

Our founding traders and analysts are leading industry experts who have a proven record of building some of the best tools available in crypto.  At Decentrader you will get regular access to their insights, tools that help you learn how to be a better trader, and be part of a great community. 

With a host of exclusive tools and resources, Decentrader will help you take your trading and investing to the next level. 


Full time crypto trader investor and analyst. 

Following an extensive career in finance focusing on risk management and financial modelling, Filb successfully moved his attention to trading cryptocurrency assets in 2016 where he has been credited with successfully calling the majority of the major market moves and running a popular telegram trading journal giving insights into day trading and strategies employed. 

Philip Swift 

Full time crypto trader, investor and analyst.

Philip is an industry leader in building effective valuation models for Bitcoin.

Since launching lookintobitcoin.com, a resource of Bitcoin live data charts and valuation models, he has regularly been featured in the crypto media and has a large Twitter following, who follow him for his strategic investing approach and insights on new valuation tools.

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