Getting Started

If you have purchased Predator, Ironman, or Sniper

Step 1

To use these indicators you must have a free Tradingview account.

Sign up for TradingView

Once your Tradingview account is set up you can purchase Predator, Ironman, or Sniper and supply your Tradingview username at purchase checkout.

Step 2

Once your TradingView account is setup and you've purchased a DecenTrader Tool, in your TradingView account search for any chart ticker in the Search bar e.g. BTCUSD and select Launch Chart.

Step 3

Once you are on the actual TradingView chart, navigate to you Indicators dropdown on the above menu bar.

Step 4

Once you're in the Indicators tab, scroll down to Invite-only scripts.

Here you'll find the DecenTrader tools you have purchased after you've become a member.

Note, once you have been granted access, you will need to refresh your TradingView web page or app.

If you have purchased Commando 2.0

You will be emailed login details. Check your Promotions and Spam folders for the email.

Once you have the details, you can login and start using Commando 2.0 straight away.

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